Jamones Blázquez

Nine decades of expert tradition...

Blázquez: Tradition and prestige based on “Admiración”

What defines a sublime gastronomic experience? As in Art, Music or Literature, experts and connoisseurs share the same opinion: be the object of “Admiración”. This aspiration forms part of our company's genetic makeup, and is expressed in the flavours, aromas and textures of our products that we take to 47 countries.

Everything to guarantee a stringent control throughout the life cycle of this unique product. It all starts on over 30,000 hectares of verdant dehesa pasture scattered throughout the province of Salamanca and the regions of Extremadura and Andalusia, where our select pigs enjoy the finest feeding and living conditions.

We remain true to our values and method, which is deeply rooted in tradition and a reverence for each moment: the secrets behind the creation of our hams, cured and fresh meats. This is why we seek out excellence for each element of our gastronomic art, from its preparation, through the drying and curing processes and finally its logistics and distribution.

Our continuous development over many years has guaranteed our place in the increasingly demanding worlds of elite Gastronomy and Haute Cuisine, which is why Blázquez evokes sublime sensations with our premium line of products, named “Admiración” - admiration.

Creating a harmonious balance for the professionals of the most exclusive restaurants, hotels and gourmet shops in the world whose aim is to delight and surprise their clients with moments of “Admiración”.

Throughout our more 90-year history, over four passionately devoted generations, our company and the Blázquez family name have created a gastronomic masterpiece evoking quality, confidence and a committed attention to detail which has reached chefs, maîtres, and purveyors of luxury gourmet products all over Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia.

It all began with the visionary young couple, Isidoro Blázquez and his wife Teresa Martín who, in the Salamanca of 1932, decided to take a risk and plant the seeds of a project that now enjoys an international reputation as a reference in the sector.

Their son, Jacinto, built on their vision with courage and determination, and his grandchildren have taken it worldwide, supported on the pillars of innovation, exclusivity, investment in state-of-the-art installations, and the most highly qualified, committed team of professionals.

Jamones ibéricos Blázquez

Experience, confidence, commitment, improvement...“Admiración”.

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