Exceptional genes. “Admiración” from its origins

Each “Admiración” experience created has its origin in an exceptional breed of Iberian pigs that have been selected and reared free-range for generations. They are the essential component in a process that begins the moment their feet touch one of the most beautiful dehesa pasturelands in Spain. Our commitment extends to each gust of fresh air they breathe, each spring they drink from and each acorn that feeds them. Because each moment is fundamental when it comes to defining the unique character that Blázquez offers with its hams, cured and fresh meats.

The pig-breeding in numbers

  • 4 generations devoted to selecting the best breed
  • 30000 free-range hectares
  • 85 Years of continuous improvement in the processes
  • 2 hectares each pig
  • 36-60 months drying and curing
  • 4 pioneering processing and production centres
  • 30 markets and a consolidated distribution network

Fed by Nature

Over 30,000 hectares of the most exceptionally beautiful ecosystem, sculpted by Nature, are home to our pigs during the acorn-feeding season. The secret of “Admiración” is literally rooted in the soil of Salamanca, Extremadura and Andalusia: the acorns of centuries-old cork and holm oaks feed the pigs that give us what are, for both professionals and their clients, the most sought-after Iberian products. The taste of freedom, movement, History.

Our pig's features

  • Small head, large chin and sharp snout

  • Dark pigmentation

  • Weak, sparse hair

  • Easy, loose movements

  • High capacity for infiltration of lipids

  • Very long and thin but strong legs

  • Well-proportioned belly