Tradition and method

“Admiración” ham

Each “Admiración” ham has won its own right to be included in the selection of Blázquez products. Pieces chosen for their singularity, based on strict criteria that have been maintained and shared for generations. Each ham or shoulder preserves its own personality throughout the demanding, carefully monitored process of individually supervised preparation and curing. Our method upholds maximum quality through each phase of the product cycle guaranteeing that each mouthful offers the palate an authentic, unique experience in its aspect, texture, aroma, flavour and composition of lipids.


Parts of the ham

  • Shin

    Zone located between the tibia and the fibula. Its flesh is harder and more fibrous.

  • Stifle

    Part between the femur and the coxal. Consumption of the ham should start here.

  • Caña

    In terms of texture and flavour, it shares characteristics with the hock. It is used to make diced “taquitos”.

  • Maza

    The main part of the ham, with more lean meat, the richest and juiciest flesh.

  • Contra

    The thinnest part, opposite the “maza”, its meat is the most cured and has the least fat.

  • Tip

    At the opposite end to the trotter, it contains a high fat content, which is why it is very tasty.

Description: Ham

“Unique, excellent, desired...” “Admiración” ham is the universal ambassador for our commitment to Gastronomy and Haute Cuisine. It represents the utmost quality developed by Blázquez over decades of tradition, and is the guarantor of the trust between professionals and their demanding clients and diners. A flavour that is the exquisite result of feeding based on seasonal acorns and a minimum cure between 3 and 5 years. It is the finest gastronomic delicacy to be found on any luxury establishment's menu.

100% Natural

  • No gluten or lactose
  • No preservatives
  • No additives

Description: Shoulder

Our “Admiración” shoulder is the “queen consort” worthy of our hams. At Blázquez, we take the same meticulous care when creating an exceptional piece from the front leg of our finest Iberian pigs. Its finer, more elongated shape protects delicious marbled meat with a higher concentration of fat and a shorter curing period that some palates find even more delicious.

100% Natural

  • No gluten or lactose
  • No preservatives
  • No additives

A family with character

“Admiración” cured specialities

We have been producing our delicious range of cured Iberian pork specialities for generations, employing the same delicate attention to detail and stringent quality that we use for our “Admiración” hams. We have combined our tradition-steeped knowledge with the most innovative, demanding, thorough processes and natural raw materials. Today, the clients of the most prestigious restaurants and establishments worldwide experience the texture and appreciate the subtleties of the range of intense flavours offered by our cured loin, chorizo, salchichón sausage, longaniza sausage, lomito (cured neck-end fillet) and morcón chorizo.

Luxury Ibérico

Fresh meat

The chance to taste the delicacy of fresh Iberian pork is a rare opportunity, but one that is increasingly offered at gourmet restaurants and establishments. Its tender, moist flesh is the perfect canvas for the masterpieces created by the world’s most famous chefs, who have made secreto (pork skirt steak), pluma (loin-end fillets), presa (collar-end fillet) or tenderloin, among other delicacies, the cornerstones of their culinary art.

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